The School Fund

The Mareck Center for Dance is the only not-for-profit dance school in the area and the only one to offer instruction from professional dancers. Gifts to the School Fund help us cultivate the artistic and personal development of students of all ages and ability levels by providing them with superior instruction and a supportive environment of dance study.

In collaboration with local partners, the Mareck Center for Dance also implements a variety of programs to ensure that everyone in our community has the opportunity to pursue and experience the art of dance. Learn more about the School.

Opportunities Available

Exclusive sponsorship opportunities and underwriting at a variety of levels are available to support:

  • School Operations. These mission-critical funds pay for the many expenses – including studio rental and instructor fees – that we incur to provide world-class dance instruction right here in our community.
  • Classes for Special Needs Children, who learn and explore the world of dance through Mareck Center for Dance’s DanceAbility initiative. This first-of-its-kind program in the area was designed by physical therapists and Mareck Center for Dance instructors – who lead the class together – to meet the children’s unique needs and abilities. The class provides a safe and supportive environment where special needs children can grow and develop their skills.
  • Programs for At-Risk Youth, who study with an Mareck Center for Dance dancer weekly during the school year through our DanceReach program and our partnership with the Boys and Girls Club. Youth have an opportunity to learn different types of dance from a member of the ballet company in the Mareck Center for Dance studio – building character, discipline, and fitness. The culmination of their hard work is the chance to perform on stage for a live audience at Mareck Center for Dance events.
  • Scholarships for Youth in Need support aspiring kids who want to study dance but whose families can not afford the tuition. Each year, we award scholarship funds to local youth in need, ages 8 to 18, to provide them with the opportunity to study at our school. Scholarships are between $250-$1,000 per semester. At that level of gift, you will receive a photo and letter from the student you’ve sponsored.


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