Our Mission

The not-for-profit School of Mareck Center for Dance, in advancement of the Company’s Mission, cultivates the artistic and personal development of their students by providing a supportive environment of dance study to motivate and inspire.


Our Vision

The School of Mareck Center for Dance’s Vision is to develop the skills of the student both professionally and artistically by introducing both traditional and innovative dance technique. This Vision is supported by two fundamental principles of leadership which provide our foundation: continual growth & the pursuit of excellence.

The School of Mareck Center for Dance is guided by the strategic ideals of Mareck Center for Dance; providing education, promoting involvement in the arts, and standing as leaders in the community. These goals require hiring the highest caliber instructors, developing a competitive yet supportive class structure, and retaining students dedicated to the study of dance.

Attaining our Vision requires diligence, creativity, confidence, and fortitude from our staff, instructors, students, and supporters.