Accessibility Statement

Mareck Center for Dance does not discriminate
on the basis of disability, race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual
orientation, gender identity, national or ethnic origin,
veteran status, or any other protected class. As such, Mareck Center for Dance is
committed to making our communications, studio space,
performance venues, classes, outreach, and all other
activities accessible to individuals who are differently-abled
by meeting or exceeding federal and state requirements.
Our goal is to make contemporary ballet accessible to all
members of the community by providing access, equal
opportunity, and reasonable accommodations for
individuals with physical, cognitive, developmental, and/or
any other disability in employment, services, programs, and
activities as much as is possible for our agency. We recognize
that creating and maintaining accessibility is a continuous
process that can be improved by continuous input from the
community. If you require assistance with access, or wish to
report an issue related to accessibility, please contact us at:


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