Friends of Mareck Center for Dance

Friends of Mareck Center for Dance 
The following list reflects Mareck Dance memberships from July 1, 2022 to present. 

Lifetime Friends

Bob & Connie Pugh


Richard G Miller

Brian and Abbe Sewell

David Wilson

Zachary Girard and Nathan Tucker 


Shelley Lyle

David Melloway DDM-RE

Barby Wulff


Kim and Wendell Coonce

Meghan M. Buchert

Dave and Nancy Griggs

Jim Grundy

Mark and Karen Grundy

Kristen Grusenmeyer

Orlando Heredia and Sarah Sandkuhl

Todd Houts

Robin LaBrunerie

Connie Kingsley

Megan Moore

Robbie and Ryan McKenzie

Craig Rooney and Nathan Fleischmann

David Showalter

John Shrum and Lili Vianello

David VanDyke

Mary Wilkerson

Stephanie Wilmsmeyer

Victoria & Bryan Wiltfong 


Ronald and Mary Freiburghaus

Myra and Auben Galloway

Barbara and Jeff Glenn

Phil and Terri Hoskins

Janet Jacobs

Stephen and Mari Ann Keithahn

Tina Marso

Judith LeFevre

Jordan Mazur

David Mehr

Nollie Moore

Trent Rash

Jared Reichel

Mike and Joni See

Teresa Snow

Dana Ward 


Mike and Rockie Alden

Irma Artega-Cox

Jami Artiga

Noor AzizanGardner

Joseph Barnett

Richard Barohn

Joseph Barraco

Jeff Bassinson

Mary Becker

Nancy G. Bedan

Jon Bequette

Tom Brinker

Terry Brooks

Steven Buback

Meghan M. Buchert

Barbara Buffaloe

Kate-Ann Buntin

Bradley Busch

Debra Cartwright

Catherine Collins

Kim and Wendell Coonce

Sara Deavenport

Janet Deneke

Ginny Dodam

Chelsea and Mark Dodds

James and Brittany Dodson

Steven and Lisa Dresner

Durk and Suzy Price

Mary Embree

Becky J Erdel

Nick Foster

Judy Freeman

Betsy Garrett

Kenneth Goodman

Jean Gruenewald

Steve and Sue Hagan

Heather Hargrove

Kathy Hartman

Kristie Hilgedick

Christy Huggans

Amanda Hulen

Justin Kelley

John and Elizabeth Kirby

Mark Kluge

Natalie Krawitz

Janna Lancaster

Lara Landrum

Lea Langdon

Phil Lapkin and Rebecca McHugh

Carolyn Lawson

Zipsprout LLC

TRacy Lovell

Craig Lycke

Camila Manrique and Guido Lastra

Katherine Mareck

Carolyn Marshall

Mary and Stephen Weinstein

Michele McInerney

Clark Mershon

Joe and Leslie Meyer

Binx Mills

Joe and Carol Moseley

Robert Moss


Carole Newman

John Ney

Joy Nickles

Thorkild and Julia Norregaard

Wanda Northway

Laurie Oberweather

Laird Okie

John and Vicki Ott

Victoria Pauley

Aidan Pritchard

John and Patty Purves


Nancy M Ray

Ina V Reed

Samantha Reeves

Garrel Renick

Jon and Carol Rhodes

Ellen Rippeto

Cynthia Schreen

Norbert or Deborah Schulte

Nancy Schultz

Bill and Jolene Schulz

Karen Shipley

Jeanne and David Snodgrass

Bob Sobule

Ginger Taylor

Sheri Taylor

Robynn Tinker

Brandy Van de Riet

Cheryl and Gary Van Riper

Stacia VanDyne

ML Vianello

Tim Vicente

Hye and Chris Westergren

Colin Williams

Ted and Leila Willmore

Tyler Willy

Brian and Carla Wilson

Scott Wilson

J Workman

Mary P Wulff

Candy and Larry Young

Mike and Julie Newton

Tim and Gina Graham

Michael and Ashleigh Keefer

Matt and Christen Thomas

Tom and Diana Propst

Deanna Jenkins

Richard and Susan Anderson

Lauren Kovar

Jose Loranca

Demont and Jordan Franklin

Hunter, Holly and Liam Sewell

Mike and Jana Boswell

*On behalf of the artistic/executive director and staff, we apologize if your name does not appear in our list. If you find this an error, we would like for you to please contact Mareck Center for Dance immediately to expedite the certainty of placing your name in the future.  Thank You


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