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Couples In Order  Round 1: Smooth  Round 2: Rhythm 

Couple #1
Curt Kippenberger & Ashleigh Sewell- Round 1: Foxtrot   Round 2: Cha Cha

Couple # 2

Teresa Snow & Stephen Blood – Round 1: Waltz  Round 2: Triple Step Swing

Couple #3

David Melloway & Dara Schlesinger – Round 1: Tango  Round 2: Cha Cha

Couple #4

Shelley Lyle & Nathan Crewe-Kluge – Round 1: Viennese Waltz  Round 2: Disco

Couple #5
Zack Girard & Victoria VanderPlas – Round 1: Foxtrot   Round 2: Samba

Couple #6 

Lili Vianello & Alec Roth- Round 1: Tango  Round 2: Swing

Couple #7 

Jared Reichel & Sarah Murphy – Round 1: Waltz  Round 2: Jive

Couple #8
David Wilson & Elise Mosbacher – Round 1: Tango   Round 2: Swing

Performance DanceReach with Mareck Center for Dance Youth Ensemble 

Boogie Shoes

Choreography: Victoria VanderPlas

Music: KC and the Sunshine Band

Dancers: A’ya Anderson, Blair Bassett, Mckenna Granberry, Esther Harrington, Amaya Harris, Kenzie Hunt, Lauryn Kitchen, Sara Lastra, Arianna Tooley

DanceReach Description

As part of our collaboration with the Boys and Girls Club, Mareck Center for Dance offers a program called DanceReach that provides at-risk youth the opportunity to study with a Mareck Dance dancer once a week during the school year as well as giving them the chance to perform not just at DWMS but also in our “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” production, which is June 3-4 at Jesse Auditorium.

Michele Curry & Douglas Pugh
Special thank you’s and acknowledgements

Announcement of Best Costume Award

Doug’s Pick

Judges’ Choice Award
Second and Third place winners

2023 Dancing with Missouri Stars Champion

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