Policies & Procedures

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Registration Info and Tuition Fees

For all new students: Registration must be completed in person at the School of Mareck Center for Dance. In addition to registration information, a signed copy of both the Agreement to Policies and Procedures and a Medical Release and Authorization must also be submitted either at the time of registration or before the student’s first class. These forms are located on the website, https://missouricontemporaryballet.org/school/resources/ forms can be submitted during office hours or electronically to school@missouricontemporaryballet.org.

Returning students may register by phone (573-825-0095) or email (school@missouricontemporaryballet.org). An updated Agreement to Policies and Procedures and a Medical Release and Authorization must be submitted for each student in the Fall semester.

A non-refundable, one time registration fee of $25 per family is due upon registration.

Waiting Lists: A waiting list will be made for every class that becomes full. In the event that a student drops out of a class, dancers from the waiting list will be contacted to fill the empty space. If there are no students dropping from a class with a large waiting list, we will try our best to open a new class day and time to accommodate those on the list.

Tuition Rates: Tuition for the Children’s Division and Pre-Professional Divisions are based on hours of classes per family.

Classes in the Adult Open Division are charged per class grouping as illustrated in the following table. The number of classes paid for must be utilized within the semester; there will be no refunds on missed classes upon completion of the school semester. Please inquire about student rates.

Open Classes
Priced Per Class Grouping

1 class

10 classes

20 classes

**Tuition Rates are not subject to a refund. Students are expected to attend or make-up (See “Make-Up Policy” under Class Information) classes within the school semester.*

Monthly Installments: Tuition is due on the 1st of the month. Any student on a monthly payment plan must have a credit card held on file. This card will be charged on the 5th of the month if tuition payment has not been received. Should accounts remain delinquent after 30 days, the student will be unable to attend further classes at the Mareck Center for Dance until payment is brought current, no extensions into makeup classes or refunds for missed classes during the delinquent period will be granted.

Discounts: Full Semester Payment: Tuition and registration payments made in full before the beginning of the school’s semester will be granted a ten percent (10%) discount on their bill.

Studio Information

Studio Behavior: Students are required to be quiet and respectful to instructors and fellow students upon entrance into The Mareck Center for Dance, as multiple classes are generally being conducted.

Students are expected to be attentive during class, neat in the dressing rooms, and polite to fellow students.

Pulling on equipment, touching mirrors and general disruptions will not be tolerated.

The Mareck Center for Dance is a private studio and reserves the right to dismiss any student from class who demonstrates inappropriate behavior, or upsets the learning environment of the school. Each disciplinary action will be accompanied by a phone call to the parent/guardian explaining the reasoning(s) for class dismissal. Should the disruptions persist disciplinary action will be determined on a case by case basis between the parent/guardian and the School Director.

Student Belongings: Students should utilize the schools’ cubbies for all their belongings to avoid a hazardous situation by leaving items strewn throughout the dressing rooms or lobby area.

Cell phones should be turned off and are banned from class. Any disturbances from electronic devices may be deemed as a class distraction and subject to disciplinary procedures. Parents/Guardians are welcome to leave an urgent message for their student at the front desk if needed.

Food & Beverage: Water is the only beverage allowed within the studio space and front desk area. Any necessary snacks should be consumed in the front desk area only. Gum is prohibited.

Lost & Found: The Mareck Center for Dance is not responsible for any lost personal items, including but not limited to: jewelry, clothing, shoes, school books, etc. Please help us return lost items to you by labeling every item coming into the studio.

While we will offer a lost & found bin, please note every couple of months it will be cleaned out due to lack of space, and any items remaining will be donated to charity.

Class Information

The atmosphere of each class is a supportive one of study and hard work requiring positive attitudes, regular attendance, and diligent practice.


Class Placement: Students will be placed in a level appropriate for both their age and level of physical/technical development. All placement decisions are made to promote the best interests of the student. It is not unusual to remain in one level for more than one year.

Students without previous dance training will be advised on available courses for instructions.

All incoming students with previous training must take a placement class at a level based on previous instruction. Placement will then be determined by the instructor or school director. Students in the Pre-Professional Division must take the required minimum classes per level as stated by the instructor.

Ballet I
Required: 2 Classes – either 2 ballet OR 1 ballet and 1 beginner jazz

Ballet II
Required: 2 Ballet classes
Recommended: Additional Intermediate Jazz, Strength & Conditioning, and/or Pre-Pointe

Ballet III
Required: 2 Ballet classes + At least 1 extra class Intermediate Jazz OR Intermediate Modern
Recommended: Strength & Conditioning

Ballet IV
Required: 2 Ballet classes + At least 1 extra Intermediate Jazz and/or Intermediate Modern;
Recommended: 3 Ballet classes, 2 Pointe classes, Intermediate or Advanced Jazz and/or Modern, and Strength & Conditioning

Ballet V/VI
Required: 2 Ballet + At least 1 extra Advanced Jazz and/or Advanced Modern;
Recommended: 3 Ballet classes, 2 Pointe classes, Advanced Jazz, Advanced Modern, and Strength & Conditioning

Student’s levels are re-evaluated at the culmination of each semester. Notification of class requirements and recommendations will be sent by mail for the upcoming semester as determined by the instructor and/or school director.

All class placements are subject to the discretion of the instructor or school director.
Should you have questions regarding initial enrollment, contact our office for further assistance.

Class Cancellations: In the case of inclement weather, the Mareck Center for Dance abides by the University of Missouri weather cancellation policy.

Original class schedule may be subject to change dependent upon class enrollment.

Regardless of class turnout, the teacher will still provide instruction; however, the time may be shortened should less than 2 students be in attendance.

Drop Off/ Pick Up Procedures: Students may enter the Orr Street Arts Warehouse through the main doors on Orr Street or on Ash Street and are required to come directly to the School’s front desk to check in.
Students waiting for their parent/guardian to retrieve them after class must wait inside the building by the Ash Street entrance.

The Mareck Center for Dance is not responsible for providing before or after class care for students or their siblings. Students should be picked up immediately at the conclusion of class & will be asked to remain inside the building while waiting for their ride.

Attendance/Promptness: Students are expected to be in class each and every week in order to benefit the most from their training. Regular attendance as well as practicing at home will insure class progress.

All students should arrive at the studio either ready, or in time to prepare for class; change clothes, fix hair, and (with the exception of those in the children’s division) warm-up properly.

Tardiness can have a negative effect on the student as well as the entire class. Please make sure to be on time every week. Excessive tardiness may result in termination of lessons. Students arriving late must wait for the instructors’ permission to join the class as is traditionally expected in the art form. If a student is too late to participate they should observe the class, which is also a learning experience.

Injured students are still expected to attend class, observe, and submit a written assignment at the suggestion of the instructor. This will ensure continued learning despite limited ability to participate.

Absenteeism: Because the number of students per class is limited to ensure proper instruction, the school expects that parents and students will honor their commitment to their class and complete the entire semester.

Frequent or prolonged absences may result in students losing their spot in the class, demotion, non promotion or the inability to participate in the annual performance. If a student misses 3 or more classes without notice, the school reserves the right to terminate the student from the class and no refunds will be provided. Students missing 3 or more unexcused classes in a semester will be unable to participate in any end-of-season performances at the discretion of the instructor.

Make-Up Classes: If a student misses a class for any reason, his/her parent or guardian must call The School office at (573) 825-0095 to report the absence. Students in Children’s Division & Open Division are encouraged to make up any missed classes but it is not required. All Pre-Professional Division students are required to make up their excused absences within the semester time period.

No refunds will be granted for missed classes at the culmination of the semester.

Transferring Classes: To transfer or change classes, a written notification to the front desk is required before the first (1st) of the preceding month. Every attempt will be made to accommodate the learning of the student and dynamic family schedules, however, some classes have a waiting list so please be courteous to others by notifying the front desk of all changes you wish to make.
Unfortunately, class changes for performance participants cannot be accommodated once costumes have been ordered and confirmed. Please see the front desk immediately if you have a concern.

School/Class Withdrawal: As the seasons are based on semester commitments, refunds on tuition or registration fees are not granted. As noted above, the Mareck Center for Dance will work diligently to accommodate class transfers.

Class Observation: In order to create a focused learning environment, we limit the amount of distractions to our dancers at all class levels and therefore, visitors are not allowed into the studio during class time. Although the school can appreciate the desire to support loved ones, we ask parents to view their students’ progress from the viewing windows. Students can often feel additional pressure and stress when trying to please a parent so please limit your observation if it is obvious the student is becoming distracted.

Dress Code

For Every Class:
*Hair is to be pulled back & neatly secured
*No Jewelry

Creative Movement/Pre-Ballet
Girls: pale pink leotard, tights, & ballet shoes
Boys: white shirt, black bottoms (preferably black tights), & black ballet shoes

Pre-Jazz                                                                                                                                                                Girls: solid color leotard and tights                                                                                                                Boys: solid color shirt and tights

Ballet I-VI
Girls: black leotard, tights, & ballet shoes
Boys: white shirt, black bottoms (preferably men’s tights), & black ballet shoes

Girls: solid color leotard and tights
Boys: solid color shirt and tights

Open Classes
Appropriate foot wear (ballet/jazz shoes, etc)
Athletic clothing granting movement