michael burkeMichael Burke grew up in Mexico, MO and began dancing at age 3. At first he was forced to go because his older sisters wanted to dance, but as he grew older and began to study with Mareck Center for Dance dancers, his interest grew. By his sophomore year in high school, the Mareck Center for Dance was established in Mexico and Michael had the opportunity to pursue a serious study of dance.

Now in his second year of a dance major at University of Cincinnati, Michael has been offered salaried contracts at three professional ballet companies. With a platter of options, Michael has decided to join St. Louis Ballet because of their exciting repertoire and guest choreographers.

He recalls his experience at Mareck Center for Dance, being inspired by teachers such as Fernando Rodriguez, Elise Eslick, Joel Hathaway and Founder and Artistic Director Karen Mareck Grundy. He says that the school was “a very caring and nurturing environment” and his teachers encouraged him at every turn. When asked what inspires him to dance, his answer is music. Dance allows him to “…experience it, but also show how I feel the music is moving me.” He says, “If I haven’t danced for a while I have to go back and do it. I can’t not do it.”

Michael will complete his college education remotely while pursuing his contract beginning in the fall. The Mareck Center for Dance congratulates Michael and wishes him the best in his endeavors!