Through the Fund for Excellence, the Mareck Center for Dance offers scholarships to aspiring kids who want to study dance but whose families can not afford the tuition. Each year, scholarship funds are awarded to local youth in need, ages 8 to 18, to provide them with the opportunity to study at our school. A limited number of scholarships are available through for students who have a strong passion and desire to study ballet. Scholarships are awarded for the entire calendar year, August-May, with amounts based on financial need, talent, and physical potential. Scholarship recipients must be enrolled in a class schedule as recommended by the School Director. Minimum class requirements vary depending on the level and age of the student. They must be exemplary students and respect Mareck Center for Dance’s policies. Please read the Scholarship Contract thoroughly to be aware of all expectations before applying. The deadline to apply for a scholarship for the 2018-2019 school year is August 1, 2018. In addition to filling out the below application, all dancers must attend an audition class at the Mareck Center for Dance on Tuesday, August 14th:

Ages 8-11 from 5-6p
Ages 12 & up from 6-7:30p

To apply for a scholarship please fill out the following form: