Mike Schooley

Mike is a longtime professional educator and has made his home in Columbia since 1986 when he was hired as the elementary principal at Rock Bridge Elementary School. He opened and led Derby Ridge Elementary as its principal from 1991 until his retirement from Columbia Public Schools in 2008. From 2008-2013 he served as the Deputy Executive Director of the National Association of Elementary School Principals before becoming the Executive Director of the Missouri Association of Elementary School Principals (MAESP). He retired from MAESP in 2022 after nine years as its leader.

Schooley was very active in local community theater following college. After a thirty-year hiatus he made a return to the stage a few years ago in the Sinatra tribute “My Way” with the Capital City Players in Jefferson City. Mike is also an avid golfer and active member of The Club at Old Hawthorne. He loves traveling to visit his son, Grant, a graduate of Hickman High School who currently lives in New Zealand!

Since Mike didn’t get the call to be The Golden Bachelor he is excited to participate in Dancing with Missouri Stars. He knows he’s not really a star, but hopes all of his many friends and colleagues will show their support and open their pocketbooks with BIG donations to the Mareck Center for Dance!