Mike Lyman

Hello!  My name is Mike Lyman, and I am thrilled to be one of the 2022 Dancing with Missouri Stars celebrities.  I am passionate about supporting the arts and look forward to finally putting my theater degree to good use. That’s right, I have a theatre degree, or specifically a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in performance.  I’m pretty sure Mom and Dad never thought this day would come… and I can’t wait to show them that their support during college was not in vain!  I am a Columbia native and graduate of Rock Bridge High School (go Bruins!). For the last 7 years I have worked at Veterans United as a Senior Loan Officer and Team Lead.  I am an active High School soccer referee and the President of the Central Missouri Soccer Referee Association. I have an amazing wife who supports all my wild ideas, 3 daughters who are my whole world, 3 cats, 2 dogs and a laugh that (I have been told) sounds like Eddie Murphy’s laugh.  I love nothing more than being able to have a good time, laughing at myself, and supporting the community …so being a celebrity this year for Dancing with Missouri Stars was a perfect fit.  I hope that you enjoy the show, and while we all enjoy a laugh together at my expense, don’t forget to make a donation to the Mareck Center for Dance to continue to support all they do for the arts in our community. Thank you!

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