Jeremy Spillman


Jeremy Spillman has been a dreamer/visionary from birth, who has the tenacity to turn those dreams into reality even though he excels at learning things the hard way!  Born in Memphis, Tennessee and raised in Little Rock, AR by a strong mother and grandmother with humble beginnings, he learned grit and a strong work ethic early in life. The road to adulthood was rough, dropping out of school at the end of his 9th grade year and letting his surroundings drag him into trouble during his adolescence years. In 2002 his mother graduated college and moved to Columbia, MO giving him a fresh start. By the age of 21 he founded his first legitimate business E&B Construction that was later rebranded Spillman Homes with the central focus of building one of a kind custom homes. Spillman Homes has now merged with the prestigious builder Lombardo homes out of St Louis and Michigan. Jeremy now serves as President and managing partner.

As an entrepreneur in business for almost 20 years, he has experienced the pain of the great recession to the joys of building and renovating incredible homes all over central Missouri.  He was once asked by HGTV to send a bio and video for a shot at stardom, but respectfully declined in order to continue honing his craft. He has multiple publications of completed projects and enjoyed competing in the Home Builders Association regency award contest where he has received 10 awards for excellence in design and home building. Now almost 9 years after his first offer he is in the final casting call for a new HGTV show that will begin shooting in June 2022.  He has made it clear he would never miss an opportunity like this again.

When Jeremy is not working on turning the next dream into reality, he is courtside with his beautiful wife of 17 years watching his 3 kids Emma, Brooklynn, and Noah play ball, hanging out with friends (likely making the best old fashions on earth), and loves traveling to the next destination to refuel! Other pastimes include mountain biking, skiing, or chasing the next adrenaline-fueled adventure! He is also the treasurer of the Board for Social Lemonade with a passion for using his story to empower high risk youth and adults that deserve a second chance.

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