Jentry Mills

Get to know me, Jentry Mills, and you’ll see, learn, and understand my passion for helping and serving others and our community. What better reason to be so excited to be a celebrity for this year’s Dancing with the Missouri Stars! As a Columbia native and a graduate of Rock Bridge High School, Mizzou and Columbia College (I definitely love to learn!) I’ve seen and been able to be a part of our community as its evolved into what it is today. My journey started as an elementary school educator and transitioned into health and wellness as I coached group fitness classes, worked with businesses to implement health and wellness into their day-to-day practices. Today I’ve found my home at Veterans United, specifically Veterans United Realty, where I’ve been for 3 years coaching and working with our thousands of Realtors across the country, working with our loan teams and the family it is today. Throughout it all my passions run deep in growth, mental and physical health and always striving to be our best. My family, located here in Columbia and now Hannibal, MO have always been there supporting over the years and I couldn’t have done any of this without them. Over the years I’ve been able to be a part of and serve on the board of organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club, Big Bothers Big Sisters, The Tiger Quarterback Club and The American Heart Association. Seeing the differences the Mareck School for Dance has made in our community, it seems a natural fit and I’m excited to be able to represent so many on this journey. As with everything in life, let’s have fun, laugh and dance the night away in supporting the Mareck School of Dance and the passion for the arts in our community.